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Search Engine (O&A) Optimization and Analysis

Search Engines like Google search, yahoo search, Bing etc follows certain algorithms to rank the website for different Online search queries. We make sure the website is ranked ahead in query.

Digital Public Relation Management

Digital Public relation is a Strategy to create awareness and to maintain a business relation with online customers through social media accounts, in digital business profiles, online forums and Chabot’s.

Online Campaign Management

The best way is to create a Digital campaign plan in your Digital Marketing Strategy. Campaign such as digital Event, Live seminar, Q&A session etc will create more awareness towards your business. Let’s create a plan and work towards it.

Website Development

Website is like a Banner or business online face for your customers. From Potential online Customers finding your business till making your sales ahead can be done with your business. Let’s make the website required for your business.

Social Media(O&M) Optimization and Marketing

There are many social media like facebook, instagram, twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc where your potential online customers are active. We will make a digital marketing strategy to a digital social blueprint for your business.

Business Intelligence

We use business intelligence like Google data studio, Power Bi etc to analyses the different data we collect from the digital marketing. Proper analysis of the data always leads us to proper execution of strategy

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Detailed Digital Marketing Menu

What is included in the digital marketing Service

We just don't Create Content, We create a Digital Marketing Success strategy

1.Search Engine (O&A) Optimization and Analysis

  • Website Audit
  • A/B Testing
  • Keyword Analysis
  • On Page Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Content Optimization

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2.Public Relation Management

  • Website Testimonials
  • Website Chatbot Service
  • Q/A session updation
  • Social Media Users Management
  • Reviews

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3.Campaign Management

  • Campaign Brainstorming
  • Campaign Creation
  • Social Media Campaign Creation
  • Website Campaign Creation
  • Online Ads Management
  • Report and Analysis

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4.Website Development

  • Website Analysis Report
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Creation

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5.Social Media(O&M) Optimization and Marketing

  • Account and Tag Creation
  • Online User Analysis
  • Content Tag Optimization
  • Copywriting and Content Management
  • Social Media analysis and Marketing
  • Audit Report

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6. Business Intelligence

  • Predictive Analysis
  • Customers Momentum Analysis

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