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Dajac Tech, A Digital Marketing Company started by a team of experienced sales and marketing enthusiastic personals whose values in knowledge gained after working for MNC ranging in from Information Technology and Hospitality sectors came together by forming a Pvt Ltd Company “ DaJac Technologies Pvt Ltd.”

From the year 2018, Dajac tech is helping other business acquire great digital exposure using the digital marketing strategy. Dajac tech is a growing digital marketing company valuing its Motto “Marketing with Creativity” extending services such as SEO, SMM, PPc, Content Marketing, Website Development and Email Marketing. Dajac tech a Digital Marketing agency has Offices in Kottayam and Kochi.


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Search engines such as Google, Bing etc uses bots to crawl website registered within the internet and Indexes it. On every Online Users Search Query (ex: resorts near me) which in Digital Marketing term is Keyword, the search engines Algorithm code display the indexed website with the readable and relevant content to the online user. Does the Keyword Changes? Yes it does... The Search Query is all dependent in your business target customers’ interest. In Digital Marketing, the customers interest to click through to your website after the keyword search result is termed as “Customers Intent” .and the intent changes with each customers for example, you have a resort at place XYZ and you want your rooms to be filled for every day but one customers will be searching with keyword such as “Resort in XYZ” which is a Common Keyword but some Customers will be searching with keyword “Resorts with Swimming Pool” So your website must match each users search Keyword right. Yes the Above example is a Broad way for explaining SEO. There are Many Ranking factor in the Search Engines in determining your website and each search engines is updating the Algorithm frequently. SEO is a Dynamic and challenging strategy to be implemented but at DaJac tech, we are specialized in SEO methodology and Marketing by which we can help your website rank higher for each keyword. Check our Service Catalogue for More Info

As the Name itself describes,” Marketing your Product or Business or Services to your customers using the Social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn etc is termed as Social Media Marketing” Before we go in Brief about social media marketing, we have to check what social media Optimization (SMO). SMO is creating a research book and keywording social platform with respect or relevance of your business like you are the owner of a Dress boutique, you want to concentrate on selling dress to women with ages between 19-30 years. After the research, Dajac tech chooses two platforms such as instagram and Pinterest where woman online activity is higher. As with the Digital Marketing strategy we create social media platforms with correct audience engaging content in the social platform. Now to Social media marketing, with the Optimized social media platform and with the preplanned strategy, we create a social calendar for posting along with copy writes content. Social Media is creating an impact mainly for business in creating branding and in to engage with the Customers. Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have witnessed a huge online user’s activity for the past few years and is estimated that it will be increasing for the near future too.

The Soul of Digital Marketing is bringing the online users towards your website to check out your business. If the website is not user-friendly, we refer to UI/Ux, and then it will be difficult to convert online users to leads. The website requirement is different for each business like, if you want customers to or online users to find your contact details or business address then there is only a need for static website but if the business require to sell any product to other via online then we can need to develop online E-commerce website, and if you want your customers want to take any appointments or booking then we need to develop dynamic website. At DaJac Tech, We start with basic User research and Business Requirement model. Then Create a Ui/Ux Design and then create the Website which is fully optimized to capture the online users as lead.

How to reach or convert customers online who have checked previously to your website or shown interest in your business? Yes paid ads, it’s the proven strategy to convert the leads to paying customers. Let’s take a scenario, if you are launching your business or your business is introducing new product or conducting special sales/Events and you want to get the message out in small time to a great public or online audiences. Let advertise it digitally in Search engines like Google, Bing or let advertise in Social Media like Facebook business, Pinterest Business etc. Let’s Define the Term “Pay per Click or Ppc ads”, usually we create an online ad like analyzing many goals such as keyword, audience research etc (which we have done earlier). We usually pay to medium like Google or Facebook when any online users click our ads. There are many types of goals to explore in paid ad management and matrix to check before going for PPC or social media ads. The terminology like CLV, Goal conversion, Cost to aquistiation are main for analyzing return of investment or ROI. Google ads are the main/ leading PPC now available on search engine paid ads. Because, the most online users check about a business or search using keywords in Google before navigating into the business website. There are many social media ads platform like Facebook business where we can advertise in both Facebook and instagram, LinkedIn Ads, Pinterest ads, YouTube ads Etc. But in different social media as defined earlier the keyword research and the Customers research place a huge factor for ROI Check our Service Catalogue for More Info

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